Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport


You are invited Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after Academician V. Lazaryan.
Dnipropetrovsk National University named after academician V.Lazaryana rail transport (DTIS) was established in 1930. Today it is a university IV level of accreditation, one of the largest centers of science and culture of Ukraine, which has a high scientific potential and good material and technical base.


Rector PSHINKO Alexander

Pshinko Alexander , Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Transport Academy of Ukraine, Vice-President of the International Academy of Transport (AMT, Saint-Petersburg, Russia), Doctor of Transport AMT and Head of its Ukrainian National Branch acting Academic Adviser of the International Engineering Academy (Moscow, Russian), corresponding member of the Academy of construction of Ukraine, the action member of the New York Academy of Sciences (USA), Honored worker of education of Ukraine, laureate of state Prize of Ukraine in the field of science and technology and holder of the Order “Badge of honor”, 3 Order of degrees ” For merits “,” diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “, the award” For the development of the region “Dnipropetrovsk region, the sign” Railway glory “III degree, Honorary railwayman of USSR, Honored worker of transport of Ukraine.
scientific interests – improvement of production technology of precast concrete products, increase their durability and the development of manufacturing technology of wall materials for the construction of the railway transport facilities from local raw materials, the introduction of the railway transport of Ukraine piggyback and the creation of international transport corridors for freight transport.

The University is situated in parkland on the campus area of about 30 hectares – is a branched complex of modern buildings, among them – two interconnected academic buildings with laboratories, computer center and research library with reading halls and book fund about 2 million copies. training workshops, 6 multi-storey student hostels located two hundred meters from educational buildings; clinic; Sports Complex (four training halls, swimming pool, stadium, three outdoor sports grounds). The town also separate buildings, which are the laboratory of heat engineering departments and electric rolling stock, Diesel Laboratory Department of locomotives, traction power substation, a clinic, a dining room for 600 seats, a dispensary, a palace of culture, a stadium, a swimming pool you other facilities social sphere.


Scientific research units are located on the base of departments, and 20 research laboratories have separate rooms, 4 laboratories have cars-laboratory. Research units have equipment that allows experiments to date.

Hostels for the residence of foreigners are typical complex for students. All wishing to foreign students secure a place in a hostel. Payment for residing in the room corresponds to the estimate. Rooms, which are home to foreign students, equipped with furniture, soft inventory and bedding according to sanitary norms in hostels.

Ensuring safe conditions of foreign students living in university accommodation is one of the priorities of the campus administration and university administration. Effectiveness in this area is achieved by close cooperation between the management of the Faculty for work with foreign students, the administration of campus, student government and Students’ Association, as well as the territorial police department Oktyabrsky RO SU Affairs of Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk.

Provision of access control and the maintenance of order in the dormitories of the University provides protection service and the staff of the campus. In the dorms, where there are foreign students, organized by the daily duty of the teaching staff of the structural units of the university.

The campus students, including foreign, provides a wide range of social services.

According to the results of Ukrainian rating of higher educational institutions (2000), the DTIS was among the top three technology (transport) of higher educational institutions of Ukraine. The first foreign students at the university appeared in 1950, it was the Chinese Tien Shan train students from the university. Educated in DIITe, they returned to China, using the knowledge and skills in their work. Today, the university educated citizens and abroad (from Turkmenistan, Moldova, China, France, Russia, etc.). During the first year (at the preparatory faculty) nostrannye citizens studying Russian language and such natural science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, drawing and others. After training at the preparatory faculty students continue their studies in the chosen specialty, graduate master’s degree, post-graduate course. foreign students take part in student conferences, art parades, sporting events.
Educational buildings University located in the park area, large bright audience, specialized laboratories, computer rooms (with Internet access), reading rooms, a specialized library, educational and publishing center with color printing, modern, comfortable dormitories, canteens, coffee shops, cafes, sports complex ., swimming pool – all increase the ranking of the University of railway among other city educational institutions the University has long been renowned faculty: it employs 50 professors and more than 300 associate professors, 30 academicians of branch Academies of Sciences, 85 laureates of state and nominal awards. Students have the opportunity to pass practice in university laboratories, enterprises, organizations and institutions of Ukraine in accordance with the chosen profession. We have more than 100 registered Fellows, each graduate makes a real thesis project. The University is a member of international scientific programs, conferences (Germany, Iran, Poland, Russia, Turkey, France). At the university work postgraduate Masters, specialized advice on candidate and doctoral theses. The DIITe have the opportunity to get a second degree.

DTIS offers training in the following specialties:

department Training direction Specialty
Bridges and tunnels 6.060101 Construction Bridges and Tunnels
Electrification of railways 6.050701 Electronics, electrotechnology Electrical power system
6.050702 Electromechanics Electric transport
Electromechanical automation systems and electric
6.050601 Teploenergetika Teploenergetika
Mechanical 6.070105 railway rolling stock Freight and carriage facilities
Locomotives and locomotive economy
6.050503 Engineering Hoisting building, road, reclamation machines and equipment
6.070106 Road transport Automobiles and Automobile Industry
Process control traffic Transport technologies 6.070101 Transportation and Management on Railway Transport
Organization of transportation and management of road transport
Organization of road construction and maintenance of track 6.070108 Railway construction and travel industry Railway construction and travel industry
6.060101 Construction Highways and airports
Industrial and Civil Construction 6.060101 Construction Industrial and Civil Construction
Water and wastewater
6.040106 Ecology Ecology and Environment
Economic and humanitarian 6.030509 Accounting and Auditing Accounting and Auditing
6.030508 Finance and credit Finance and Credit
6.030601 Management Management of organizations and administration
6.020303 Philology Translation
Technical cybernetics 6.050103 Software Engineering Software systems
6.050202 Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies Automation and automation of transport
6.170101 Security Information and Communication Systems Safety information and communication systems
6.070107 systems provide train Control systems for train traffic
6.030502 Economic Cybernetics Economic Cybernetics

The cost of training of foreign citizens in the University (in all departments):

  • Preparatory Department for Foreigners – US $ 1200;
  • Bachelor – 1800 $ US;
  • Master Specialist – US $ 2000;