National Mining University



High-gradUntitled-1e foreign specialists have been trained in the National Mining University since 1949. More than 700 students from 27 countries received Diplomas of Higher Education, and 19 most successful ones got PH.D. degree.

The graduates of our University became engineers, top-ranking managers of enterprises, and heads of scientific institutions and companies of Africa, Asia, Latin America, Australia, Central Europe and Middle East.

Our Educational-Scientific Centre for International Students Training deals with world economic activities in the field of higher education and provides educational services to all foreign students.

Our History

International students training began in the early 50s of the XX century. Representatives from China, Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland got their higher education in the field of mining-and-geological branch of industry in the walls of our University to later become high-ranking officials in their own countries.

A new page was opened by the citizens of Angola and India in the XXI century. With the increasing international prestige of the University, the expansion of ties with foreign educational institutions and widespread promotional activities, our University has become interesting and attractive for foreigners and as a result, the flow of students has increased significantly. Students from over 40 countries of Africa, Europe, Asia, Latin America and Australia were trained here.

As a result, the necessity of centralized management became obvious and on the 11 of November 1994 the new Dean’s office for International Students was introduced at the State Mining Academy of Ukraine. In January 2011, according to the decree of the Rector, the deanery was replaced by the Educational-Scientific Centre for International Students Training.

Today the international university students are trained at 9 faculties in 27 directions and 49 specialties. The evidence of the high quality performance of the university graduates is their fruitful work for large mining and industrial enterprises, as well as rapid career growth and leading engineering positions at home.

The 115th anniversary of our University is celebrated in 2014 and all this time it has had the reputation of progressive, innovative Institution, unique in its field, increasing the international authority of Ukraine.

The main objectives of the Centre

  1. Provision of foreign-economic activities of the University in the field of higher education for the implementation of educational activities related to the training of foreign nationals.
  2. Organization of marketing and advertising-informational activities in the field of export of educational services.
  3. Creating a network of permanent and reliable partners for attraction of foreign students.
  4. Selection of foreign citizens for education on a contract terms.
  5. Drafting contracts with corporations and individuals to provide educational services.
  6. Execution and management of permanent record for foreigners who are studying at the university.
  7. Participation in the educational process organization and production of educational activities related to the training of foreign citizens.
  8. Participation in issues of legal and domestic nature of foreigners studying at the University.
  9. Supervision of law-obedience by international students of the current Ukrainian legislation, statutes and rules of internal labor regulations of the University.
  10. Ensuring the accountability to the official bodies that the University is subjected to in respect of international students of the University.