Odessa National Maritime University


One of directions of Academy’s activity is the integration with international education. Important part of such integration is training of foreign students in the following marine professions:

  • Navigation
  • Ships power plant operation and maintenance
  • Electric systems and complexes of transport means
  • Automated control of technological processes
  • Radio-electronic devices, systems and complexes
  • Maritime law
  • Management of organizations and administration

Applicants to be admitted to the Academy must have complete secondary education, without any limitations as per their race, skin colour, political, religious and other beliefs, gender, social and ethnic origin, financial position, place of origin, language and other features.

The Academy trains students in full-time education. There are 3 educational degrees at the Academy: Bachelor, Specialist, Master. Before admission foreign applicants should pass medical test in the Academy. Applicants, who are not able to pass medical test, or their health condition does not correspond to the requirements, are not admitted to participate in further procedures.

Training procedure in the Academy is done according to the Contract with the foreign student, in the Russian language, according to curriculum for the chosen profession.

In case an applicant does not speak Russian there is preparatory course at the Academy. Persons having complete secondary education are admitted to it. Classes are held according to the programs of the entrance examination to higher educational institutions of Ukraine. The preparatory course lasts 10 months. The teaching staff helps the student to cope with language barrier, to acquaint him with Russian/Ukrainian, history of Ukraine, traditions of the Academy, with the system and forms of training.

Upon completion of the preparatory course at the Academy grade examination is considered the entrance examination for 1st course of the Academy. Graduates of other institutions preparatory courses, and also foreign applicants speaking Russian, must pass entrance interview in mathematics and the Russian language (as per the approved programs).

Cost of the preparatory course (theoretical course) is 21 800 UAH.

Period of training to get degree of:

  • Bachelor is 4 years
  • Specialist is 1,5 years
  • Master’s degree is 1,5 years.

Total period is 5,5 years.

To be admitted at educational level “Specialist” or “Master’s degree” those who graduated from the Academy as Bachelor should pass the final attestation and the English language examination for magistracy. Graduates of other institutions pass the entrance examination in speciality and English language for magistracy.

Cost of full-time training for Bachelor degree is 174 400 UAH (43 600 UAH annually)

Cost of full-time training for Specialist degree is 69 000 UAH (46 000 UAH first year, 23 000 UAH second year)

Cost of full-time training for Master’s degree is 72 000 UAH (48 000 UAH first year, 24 000 UAH second year).

In order to arrange Ukrainian visa (for distant countries and also for Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) it is necessary to obtain an Invitation Letter from the Academy. To do that an applicant must provide for the Academy or partner company the following data: name and surname, date of the birth, number of national passport, nationality, country where visa is going to be obtained. Invitation Letter from the Academy is handed over personally to the applicant or a partner company starting on the 01st of June, every year.

To admit to the Academy, since 01st of August, every year, the following documents to be rendered:

  • Approved application form
  • international passport and its copy
  • Document proving complete secondary education, endorsement to it, original and copy
  • Medical test certificate, endorsed by the official medical authorities of the applicant’s country of origin. Must be issued not earlier than 2 months before applicant renders it
  • Certificate of birth, original and copy
  • Colour photos, 3,5 cm x 4,5 cm, 12 pcs
  • Insurances (issued in the Academy after the admittance and also before providing of documents for prolongation of the immigration card).

Important: international passport, document of education, medical test certificate and certificate of birth must be notary endorsed and translated into Ukrainian, in full accordance with legislation of the country of issue. They must be duly certified by the notary by Ukrainian consulate of correspondent country.

Beginning of training – on the 1st of September, every year.

The Academy does not bear any costs or fees for registration, visa, accommodation and food, travel of students within Ukraine or abroad in any case.

The Academy does not bear any obligations , related to the arrival and stay in Ukraine of a student ‘s family members and does not render them an accommodation.

Foreign students have a right to be accommodated in the Academy’s living quarters, take part in social, cultural and sports life of the Academy, and also in scientific-research work.