Odessa National Polytechnic University


Odessa National Polytechnic University is the oldest higher technical educational establishment in the south of Ukraine. Throughout the years, Odessa Polytech graduates made a considerable contribution to the development of Ukrainian and global science and technology as well as have educated many national economy specialists. University graduates perform a productive work in all regions of Ukraine and the ninety-one foreign countries.
Born in September 1918, Odessa National Polytechnic University has a long way of growth and development. Over the years, this university became one of the leading universities of Ukraine, became a major educational and research center, which played and still plays a major role in the development of education and science. The authority of eminent scientists who have been working in it now contributes to the high prestige of the university. There are many world scientists among them.

The university is constantly developing creative relationships with enterprises, companies and organizations, academic and research institutions of Ukraine and foreign countries; University is open for cooperation with every person who wants to make a contribution into development of the higher education in Ukraine.
University staff, continuing the glorious traditions of Polytechnics, is working on augmentation of scientific and technological capabilities of our state, prepares highly qualified personnel for the modern production system in regard to the new economic conditions, and for research in various fields of science and technology.
The life and work of the Polytechnic is a life of the whole country, the lives of its graduates, its scientists and educators – all those who have raised the country from the ruins of the Civil War and World War, all those who have created the country’s industrial might, who acquires the triumph of the pioneers of space.
Tractates and the achievements of the scientists worked in different years at the university, as well as those who continue to work within its walls today, are known to the scientific community. There are a 1 Nobel laureate, 4 Hero of Socialist Labor, 15 State Prize laureate, 17 honored workers of science and technology, 9 Honoured High School and Public Education, 34 excellent worker education in Ukraine. Most of them have not only worked, but received higher education at the Odessa Polytechnic.
For the higher performance in teaching and scientific – technological activities Odessa National Polytechnic University has been awarded: in 1968 Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Council of Ukraine, in 1971 the Order of Red Banner of Labor, in 1977 the University staff is listed on the Board of Honour of Ukraine, 1998 Diploma of the Council of Ministers of Ukraine, and in 2001 national status was granted.
Today, Odessa Polytechnic is actively working on innovative development of its high school, set themselves the ambitious task of obtaining the status of Research University of the European level and this problem is within Polytechnic’s grasp!

  Cost of training: Preparatory Course – 1 year 1500$  
  Cost of training: Bachelor – 1 year 1800-2000 $  
  Cost of training: Master – 1 year 2000-2200 $  
  Cost of training: Postgraduate study – 1 year 3000 $  
Direction Qualification
6.020101 – Культурологія


Бакалавр з культурології

Bachelor of Cultural studies

6.020105 – Документознавство та інформа-

ційна діяльність

Documental science and information services

Бакалавр з документознавства та інформа-

ційної діяльності

Bachelor of Documental science and information services

6.030502 – Економічна кібернетика

Economic cybernetics

Бакалавр з економічної кібернетики

Bachelor of Economic cybernetics

6.030504 – Економіка підприємства

Economics of enterprise

Бакалавр з економіки підприємства

Bachelor of economics of enterprise

6.030507 – Маркетинг


Бакалавр з маркетингу

Bachelor of Marketing

6.030509 – Облік і аудит

Accounting and audit

Бакалавр з обліку та аудиту

Bachelor of accounting and audit

6.030601 – Менеджмент


Бакалавр з менеджменту, менеджера-адміністратора

Bachelor of management,  manager-administrator

6.040106 – Екологія, охорона навколишньо-

го середовища та збалансоване


Ecology, Environmental Protection and balanced nature resources usage

Бакалавра організатора природокористування

Bachelor organizer of nature usage

6.040203 – Фізика


Бакалавр з фізики

Bachelor of Physics

6.040301 – Прикладна математика

Applied mathematics

Бакалавр з прикладної математики

Bachelor of Applied mathematics

6.040302 – Інформатика


Бакалавр з інформатики

Bachelor of Informatics

6.050101 – Комп’ютерні науки

Computer sciences

Бакалавр з інформаційних технологій

Bachelor of computer technologies

6.050102 – Комп’ютерна інженерія

Computer engineering

Бакалавр з інформаційних технологій

Bachelor of computer technologies

6.050103 – Програмна інженерія

Software engineering

Бакалавр з програмної інженерії

Bachelor of software engineering

6.050201 – Системна інженерія

System engineering

Бакалавр з системної інженерії

Bachelor of system engineering

6.050202 – Автоматизація та комп’ютерно-

інтегровані технології

Automation and computer-integrated technologies

Бакалавр з автоматизації та комп’ютерно-

інтегрованих технологій

Bachelor of automation and computer-integrated technologies

6.050402 – Ливарне виробництво

Foundry manufacture

Бакалавр з ливарного виробництва

Bachelor of Foundry manufacture

6.050501 – Прикладна механіка

Applied mechanics

Бакалавр з прикладної механіки

Bachelor of Applied mechanics

6.050502 – Інженерна механіка

Engineering Mechanics

Бакалавр з інженерної механіки

Bachelor of Engineering Mechanics

6.050503 – Машинобудування

Mechanical Engineering

Бакалавр з машинобудування

Bachelor of Mechanical engineering

6.050504 – Зварювання


Бакалавр зі зварювання

Bachelor of Welding

6.050601 – Теплоенергетика

Heat and power engineering

Бакалавр з теплоенергетики

Bachelor of Heat and power engineering

6.050603 – Атомна енергетика

Nuclear power engineering

Бакалавр з атомної енергетики

Bachelor of nuclear power engineering

6.050701 – Електротехніка та електротех-


Electrical Engineering and Electro technologies

Бакалавр з електротехніки та електротехно-


Bachelor of еlectrical engineering and lectro technologies

6.050702 – Електромеханіка


Бакалавр з електромеханіки

Bachelor of Electromechanics

6.050802  Електронні пристрої та системи

Electronic devices and systems

Бакалавр з електронних пристроїв та систем

Bachelor of Electronic devices and systems

6.050901 – Радіотехніка

Radio engineering

Бакалавр з радіотехніки

Bachelor of Radio engineering

6.050902 – Радіоелектронні апарати

Radioelectronic apparatuses

Бакалавр з радіоелектронних апаратів

Bachelor of Radioelectronic apparatuses

6.051001 – Метрологія та інформаційно-

вимірювальні технології

Metrology and information-measuring technologies

Бакалавр з метрології та інформаційно-

вимірювальних технологій

Bachelor of Metrology and information-measuring technologies

6.051002 – Метрологія, стандартизація та


Metrology, standardization and certification

Бакалавр з метрології, стандартизації та


Bachelor of Metrology, standardization and certification

6.051301 – Хімічна технологія

Chemical technologies

Бакалавра технолога хімічних технологій

Bachelor technologist of Chemical technologies

6.070106 – Автомобільний транспорт

Motor transport

Бакалавр з автомобільного транспорту

Bachelor of motor transport

6.120201 – Фармація


Бакалавр з фармації

Bachelor of Pharmacy

6.130102 – Соціальна робота

Social work

Бакалавр з соціальної роботи

Bachelor of social work

6.170102 – Системи технічного захисту


Information Security Systems

Бакалавр з систем технічного захисту


Bachelor of Information Security Systems