Start to learn Russian and Ukrainian languages together with Pani-Maas Company!

️⚜️Аdvantages Russian and Ukrainian languages️⚜️

🔰The most common languages of the world.

🔰The 6 among all the languages of the world in terms of the total number of speakers and the 8 in the number of speakers as native.

🔰The most common slavic language.

🔰The main language of international communication in Central Eurasia, in Eastern Europe, in the countries of the former Soviet Union, one of the six working languages of the UN, UNESCO and other international organizations.

🔰About 260 million people in the world speak Russian and Ukrainian.

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💎If you want to study in Ukraine, but you don’t know Russian or Ukrainian, it doesn’t matter, many universities offer English-language programs. Also, universities have Russian and Ukrainian courses for students from other countries, usually one year is enough to master the basics of the language. Before starting to study the chosen specialty, you can get training at the preparatory departments of Ukrainian universities for foreigners for a year. As a rule, the course program includes 20-36 hours of Russian or Ukrainian language lessons per week, as well as the study of certain general education subjects, depending on the further course of study💎

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